5 Resolutions for Year Fifty-Two of My Life

Yesterday was my 51st birthday. Below are five resolutions for year 52 of my life. I think of them as compass-like and guiding. I am a steadfast goal setter and this feels like a different exercise.

Goals are specific, measurable and attainable and my five resolutions are more like guideposts. Don’t get me wrong, and I haven’t gone soft. I love a good goal setting, strategy session and that hasn’t changed.

Today, what I’m writing about are some bulwark-like thoughts to help me smooth out my rough edges and strive to make Year Fifty-Two my number one.

The Five Resolutions for My 52nd Year are:

  1. Be Kind –


  1. Greg Sanchez on October 3, 2016 at 5:35 pm

    Excellent resolutions! Inspiring!

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