5 Steps to Help a Sales Rep be an Effective Executive Within an Enterprise

In today’s hyper-connected, crazy-busy business world, the effective sales representative must also be an effective executive. The sales representative meets the test conditions of being an “executive” because he is in control of his time and his contributions have an effect on the performance of the enterprise. Good, or bad.

As the above Venn Diagram shows, the most effective sales executive operates in the “bullseye” area that caters to the needs of all parts of an organization. Today, perhaps more than any other time, the sales professional has in his hands at all times the tools necessary to accomplish this task. This tool, is either an iPad or iPhone.

5 Steps to Help a Sales Rep be an Effective Executive Within an Enterprise

Everyone in the organization depends on sales to deliver a revenue number. As a result, the effective sales executive accepts this responsibility and understand that a day wasted is an opportunity missed. A simple exercise that I like to use is to ask myself at the end of each day, “What did I contribute and from that what were the results?”

What’s also true is that in many cases, sales is the primary front-line of the enterprise. Because of this, sales reps are in the best position to discern and report changes in current trends to others within the enterprise. Communication is key.

Today is an exciting time to be a sales representative because there are so many ways to contribute and be effective in an organization. Another way to standout is to understand market segmentation, too.

Your iPhone and iPad loaded with all of the latest software offers an easy and intuitive way for you to communicate, do discovery work and be of service to your clients.

By working through the five steps outlined above, there’s still lots of time to make 2016 a year to remember!

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