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The Make Marketing Easy Newsletter

The Make Marketing Easy Newsletter will help you with marketing and selling by bringing you weekly tips, tools, ideas, strategies, and stories. Each week you’ll receive an email with fresh content from around the web, unique insights, ideas to help you win more, new process recommendations, and achieve peace-of-mind.

The Make Marketing Easy Newsletter focuses on these topics:

  1. Marketing and Content Marketing – Marketing that I write about is not a euphemism for selling. Selling is important and is a channel of Marketing. Along these lines, Content Marketing, in my opinion, is the strategy cornerstone of the audience I want to help because it is personal, metrics-driven, flexible and cost-effective.
  2. Data Analysis – We live today in a world filled with data. Some say too much data. What do you do with all of the data coming across your transom? So, how do you make sense of it all and what sorts of actionable strategies and tactics will you get from your data? Sign-up in the column on the right, or at the bottom of this page, and you’ll get weekly ideas.
  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain – AI is entering all phases of life. Personally, I am excited by the possibilities created by this technology. It’s coming so you may as well learn about what is happening and how it will affect you. Blockchain, well, that’s just flat-out cool technology. You read it here first, but one day, because of Blockchain technology, patient records will be owned by patients. Not providers or insurance companies.
  4. CRM – I’m a guy but we talk about others, too! I am a Salesforce zealot and I