1. Patty on August 24, 2014 at 9:53 am

    Wow, what a bout of emotions on that run! I have been working on leading with Grace and having mercy, mainly with my kids. When we’re already impatient about a particular thing it’s so easy to go from 0 to boiling point quickly. I agree, how we act during that boiling point is rarely effective. With my kids it actually is fuel to the fire, they cry or yell back and then all hell breaks loose. Lately, I’ve been thinking to myself God made love and love is patient, I love my kids and I should have the most patience with them out of anyone why am I yelling at them when I could use a tone of voice where we could actually communicate with one another. If they’re out of line I need to have mercy too, again patience.
    While driving I’ve been practicing patience. I’m a loving person why flip the bird or yell profanities at 6 AM on 394 when someone cuts me off and doesn’t use their blinker? It’s pointless and a waste of energy, I can’t help it that they’re a bad driver.
    I run with a woman that doesn’t leash her very well behaved dog while running and I’m not scared of Cooper getting into trouble but the other dogs sometimes react just as Walt did and it takes a lot for me not to suggest to my friend to leash Cooper, hopefully she’ll figure it out herself.
    Great post, Joel, have a wonderful week.

    • Joel on August 25, 2014 at 5:24 am

      Good stuff, Patty! Yes, please have your friend put Cooper on a leash. Until I started running with Walt, I always thought that the leash rules were an “eye roll” type of deal. I now think differently. I made the driving emotions transition years ago and it’s great that you’re learning that, too. Thanks for the comment!

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