How I Failed in the Math Business – Part 2

Failing in the math business was a long, slow event for me. When I left off part one of my story about how I failed in the math business, my friendly banker had seized my assets that were intended for me to support my family. It was terrifying, probably illegal and I can’t blame the bank for what they did.

It’s funny how things work. When I began my “all-in” year in the math business, I told myself that if I hadn’t reached a certain point by August of 2010, I’d go back into the medical device business where I’d already earned more than eight figures in my career. I thought it would be easy to go back and I believe this fallback mentality impacted my success. Or, lack of success.

Sightpath Medical

At my darkest hour, I received a call from the EVP of Sightpath Medical, Jim Feinstein. I didn’t know Jim well but had been introduced to him on multiple occasions when he was the Regional Vice-President for LVCI.

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