Golf 2.0 – New Beginning

My beginning with golf came at a young age. Balmoral Golf Course was one mile from our lake cabin where I spent my summers as a kid in Minnesota. There was no head pro or instructor available that I knew of. We played, developed a way to get the ball around the course and never saw much improvement in our games. I wasn’t very good and struggled to control my frustrations with poor play on the course.

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In high school, one of my closest friends, Greg Avant, was an excellent golfer. We played together now and then but it was a passion for him and and only an interest for me. When we’d play it was fun to watch him hit the ball and it was clear that he and I were playing the same game much differently.

My college years provided easy access to the Les Bolstad University of Minnesota Golf Course.


  1. Joel on May 24, 2015 at 9:05 am

    Is it okay to comment on your own story? I guess so, it’s my blog, pretty much no one reads it and this is an update to this particular story.

    I played the front nine yesterday afternoon with my son, Mike, from the Member tees and shot a shockingly easy 38. Go figure. I know, it’s an 18 hole game. None-the-less, hope springs eternal.

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