The Hunch Book Will Help You Take Action and Reach Your Next Goal

Have you ever had a feeling a book was going to be good just from the title? You know, pardon the pun, sort of a hunch that the content of the book was what you needed to read? Right now, at the perfect time?

Hunch by Bernadette Jiwa is that way for me. I first heard about it from the daily blog post I receive from Seth Godin and was intrigued by the title because I believe in hunches.

I ordered the book from Amazon using my trusty Amazon App with a Prime membership so it was easy and fast. Delivered two days later, in fact.

The book is a quick read and it takes only a couple of hours. At face value, anyway. I believe one of the more valuable long-term benefits of this book for the reader is the actionable content in the third part of the book. But that

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