Learning to love order and gaining freedom in the process

Order is not my strong suit. Add process and my eyes glaze over. At least, that’s what I thought in my younger days.

Yesterday I read a quote from Winston Churchill that resonated with me:

“In the first 25 years of my life I sought freedom. In the next 25, order. And in the last 25 I learned order is freedom.”

Churchill Quote

Quote from WInston Churchill

Funny enough, though, for the last 25 years it doesn’t feel like I’ve been chasing structure. I do struggle to find it. And when I do, it’s fleeting. Maybe that’s why the universe favors entropy? At least that what I learned in Mr. Owen’s Chemistry class in 11th grade.

Freedom’s an elusive beast, too. Seek that too much and I’m liable to end up with no order or freedom. It’s a confusing world, for sure.

My Own Quest for Order

At work lately, I find myself admiring process. I work with a guy and for a guy who’re both really good with processes. I like asking them to help me think about how I may add routines to aspects of the team I lead. I appreciate their patience and guidance as I learn this new skill.

I’m all for the movement to focus on one’s strengths, strive

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