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Marketing Strategy, Content Development, Planning, Attribution, Metrics, Artificial Intelligence, Observations and Occasional Rants

My career in marketing began as a young man. I didn’t know it at the time because I took a job in sales, not marketing. Or, so I thought. As a guy with a degree in Biochemistry, I had to self-learn that selling is a channel of marketing.

It’s funny, though. As I think back on my life, I was always in marketing. Exploring new ideas and influencing others to see what I see is part of my personality. Sometimes, to a fault…

I was not the kid who had the Kool-aid stand, or sold stuff door-to-door. Conceiving, building and iterating new ways to do just about anything is what makes my motor run. Also, I am always the guy to take the first bite, an awkward step or speak-up. Being like this doesn’t always end well for me.

This page on the site is all about marketing. It’s a field I love, it humbles me how fast it changes and I believe it is a noble pursuit. Here I will curate marketing content, add links to interesting new marketing strategies and tactics and comment on what’s working and not working in this fascinating field.

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