Will Millennials, LASIK and Cataract Surgery Technology Influence Ophthalmology?

Seven trends may provide the answer to the question, “Will Millennials, LASIK and Cataract surgery technology influence Ophthalmology?” These emerging beliefs, commercial strategies and technologies portend an environment rich with opportunity for those who adapt and frustrating for those who do not.

Millennials – Providers and Patients

Four millennial children in my family make me acutely aware of the traits exhibited by this age demographic. Much is written about the trends, possibilities and pitfalls arising from this group’s coming-of-age.

For ophthalmology, Millennials are a conundrum

5 Comments on “Will Millennials, LASIK and Cataract Surgery Technology Influence Ophthalmology?”

  1. Great read, Joel – A take on the future with a high probability of coming to fruition. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Joel,
    I have enjoyed reading your posts and this was was very nicely written! Congrats on 25 years…this is a great business that we work and live in and I truly enjoy working with your team.

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