A Good Idea Not Executed Well

A good idea not executed well always gives me pause. Poor execution is the bane of most good ideas and I know about this from my personal experiences.  I received the following text message this morning from the Hilton Garden Inn where I will be staying tonight. The strategy behind sending this text is excellent. Where it falls down is in the execution. And that happens so many times it’s mind-boggling to me.  I don’t write this in a judgemental way; more of an, “I can relate” way.  In my experience, it’s the last 5-10% of execution that is the … Read More

Proven Success Formula?

Everyone is interested in a “proven Success formula,” right? In 2009 Chris Guillebeau wrote 279 Days to Overnight Success. I recently came across this excellent work by listening to a book by Jane Friedman about publishing a book. What I like about Chris’s work is the simplicity he offers in his approach to becoming a successful “blogger.” What I learned by reading his work, gets me pretty fired up to work even harder. When coupled with my own fits-and-starts type of experiences over the last few years blogging, I get even more excited about producing my art. Chris doesn’t offer any … Read More

5 Steps to Help a Sales Rep be an Effective Executive Within an Enterprise

As the above Venn Diagram shows, the most effective sales executive operates in the “bullseye” area that caters to the needs of all parts of an organization. Today, perhaps more than any other time, the sales professional has in his hands at all times the tools necessary to accomplish this task. This tool, is either an iPad or iPhone.5 Steps to Help a Sales Rep be an Effective Executive Within an Enterprise1. Be grateful that you have the luxury and responsibility to contribute every day2. Understand that effectiveness can be learned and improved3. Protect time as the important, universal asset … Read More

Grammarly Software Makes Writing Easier!

Grammar is learned at home. My grandma was an english teacher and stressed the importance of the written word. Grammarly software makes writing easier and my grandma Fran would have enjoyed it’s functionality. Today I spend a lot of time corresponding with email and text. Grammar, punctuation and the written word are not important in these two mediums. Or so it seems.

Why Cataract Surgery and No LASIK?

Early in my business career in Ophthalmology, I was observing a lot of cataract surgery and the field of Refractive Surgery was gaining traction with Radial Keratotomy (RK). A crude procedure when compared to today

What a Difference Seven Years Makes

Seven years ago today was a hard day for me. I wrote about the 10 Things I Learned When I was Knocked From My White Horse 18 months ago in an article published by the Success Blog. This story was shared more than 25,000 times on Facebook and from this I infer I’m not alone in jousting with life’s adversities. Since writing the story, my life has continued to evolve. I am humbled by how the words I wrote, at a time when I was simply trying to keep myself positive and be of service to others, ring true for … Read More

Red Lobster Biscuits and Children Growing Up

Recently my wife, Jean, and I drove by a Red Lobster and discussed that we had never eaten at one. Well, at least, together. I confessed that I am a closet lover of the cheese and herb butter biscuits they served as an appetizer and had visited the establishment on several occasions while traveling on business. Red Lobster is easier on an expense account than many other purveyors

The Duality of Sales Reps

[headline style=”1″ align=”center” headline_tag=”h1″] Sales Reps Must Think Like Innovators to Sell to Innovators [/headline] The first edition of “The

What’s Your Attribution Method?

The folks at Opticall recently published their Medical Marketing Outlook for 2016. Reading through the article offers many interesting insights into what is happening in the elective medical procedure market. What comes to mind for me is attribution. Last Fall, I attended the Ad-Tech meeting in New York City. Ad-Tech is where the movers-and-shakers of the advertising world get together to share stories, ideas, and strategies. During the conference, one of the hottest topics was, “attribution.” Attribution is the ability to discern what caused the desired outcome. It’s not always easy to tell what’s working and what’s not. Studying your … Read More