#MELiveAustin Inaugural Event a Success

Starting anything from scratch is difficult. It always costs twice as much and takes double the expected time. The thought of bootstrapping a new meeting in the field of ophthalmology pretty much blows my mind. The past weekend, in Austin, Texas, a group of like-minded ophthalmic surgeons, industry personnel and Bryn-Mawr Communications got together to produce the first annual Millennial Eye Meeting, #MELiveAustin. The results of these collective contributions yielded what, to me, felt like a meeting that will be around for a long time and will continue to grow. The goal of the meeting was to create a forum … Read More

My First Published Article – Success.com

What’s the difference between bragging about something that you’ve accomplished and just being happy about something and wanting to share it? I’m not exactly sure of the answer to that question and do know that I reached one of my goals that I set for myself in 2014. I always write my goals at the beginning of each year and I carry them around in a little card in my wallet. My kids and wife think me a bit dorky for doing this. I began annually writing my goals after a former sales manager of mine, Brian Reinkensmeyer, suggested that … Read More

Connections That Have Stood the Test of Time

I graduated from Mayo High School in Rochester, Minnesota in June of 1984. The three guys with me above were my friends from grade school and we share many great memories together and still stay in touch via text, Facebook and occasional personal visits. In the photo above from left to right they are: Me, Craig Johnson, Jeff Klassen and Greg Avant. I admire the various accomplishments that each of them have made to the world and the men that they have become. I consider myself lucky to have been raised in a town like Rochester where I found special … Read More

When Will the Millennials Get Out and Vote?

I am the father of four children that are defined as “Millennials.” All are of legal voting age and not one of them was planning to vote in today’s elections. This makes me sad, frustrated and confused all at the same time. I’m not mad at them or anything like that, just more curious about why they feel the way that they do about voting. My kids are all working their way toward college degrees or already graduated. Three of them live here in the Twin Cities and one is teaching overseas in Thailand. Yesterday my wife asked the seemingly … Read More

How Kickstarter Changed My Sister

Kickstarter is a crowd-funding platform to help entrepreneurs fund the start-up of their businesses. At least that’s what I thought it was until my sister, Patty Post, began a Kickstarter campaign on October 2, 2014 and ended it today, November 1, 2014. What I learned from watching my baby sister participate in this program is that it is much more than just a crowd-funding source of funds for would-be entrepreneurs. To execute a successful Kickstarter campaign, I watched Patty refine her product’s value proposition, relentlessly promote the campaign through friends, family and contacts, stay positive when the odds were seemingly … Read More

Five Pounds of Fun with Peter Taunton!

“Five pounds of fun” is a way of thinking about diet and fitness. To me, it is another way of saying my wife’s mantra, “everything in moderation.” I learned this saying from my friend, Peter Taunton, this weekend while my son Ben and I were his guests for a pheasant hunting trip at Sutton Bay in South Dakota. Peter is a successful serial entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Snap Fitness, a global leader in the personal fitness business with more than 2000 locations worldwide. Peter

A Twist on Mary’s Scrambled Eggs

Growing up, one of my favorite weekend breakfast dishes was my Mom’s (Mary) scrambled eggs. Mary made her scrambled eggs by first dicing several slices of bacon, frying these pieces in a pan and then scrambling it all together right in the same pan. This way of eating the eggs and bacon together was an efficient, one-pan preparation that was ahead of it’s time. I loved it. This morning, I made a bit of a variation of my Mom’s tried and true method. Mary always used eggs and a bit of whipping cream as the basis for her egg mixture. … Read More

How Audi Lost a Sale and Maybe a Customer

I was informed by the Audi salesperson that the A6 is the largest selling luxury sedan in the United States. He seemed proud of this and was perhaps using this data as a means to make me feel smart because I already own one. Unfortunately, the interaction between he and his service department caused me to feel manipulated and destroyed the loyalty that had been built as a seven year owner of an Audi that has performed well. I have made a career in sales so this post is by no means a “salespeople are greedy, manipulative and dishonest” diatribe. … Read More

What does it mean to “Carry my Cross?”

As a Catholic, I have never spent a lot of time studying scripture, that’s not a big part of the practice of our faith. We attend weekly Mass where the ceremony consists of two parts: The liturgy of the Word and the liturgy of the Eucharist. From the Liturgy of the Word, as Catholics, this is where we learn about scripture and the Priest or Deacon helps us think about the teachings contained in the readings through a homily. I enjoy this part and over the years have come to appreciate the repetition of teachings that come from the liturgical … Read More

What Drives People to Change?

In my experience, people change for their own reasons. For the most part, there are three primary reasons for why people make a change. While these three reasons may be different, they are not mutually exclusive. Change is forced upon them by a competitor. Change is created by an internal desire to achieve an outcome. Change is required due to obsolescence. This past week I had the pleasure of spending the week with a Sightpath Sales Representative traveling in his territory and visiting with both current and prospective clients. Our clients are eye surgeons and their related facilities. I’ve written … Read More