How Can Any Barrier be too Great?

How often are the barriers that we find in our lives created in our minds and subsequently manifested in our actions? The photo above is of a group of weeds that have pushed their way up through the asphalt on a jogging trail behind my house.

Laser Cataract Surgery – A Tsunami to Ophthalmology?

Laser assisted cataract surgery (LACS) was introduced to ophthalmology in 2010 with the FDA approval of the LenSx 550 femtosecond laser. At that time, LenSx was a privately held company and today it is owned by Alcon, the largest eye care company in the world. The Market Today there are nearly 400 femtosecond lasers for cataract surgery placed in the United States. Alcon leads this market with an eye-popping estimated 70% share and this should come as no surprise given their dominance in the industry. The term “placed” in the United States is what may prove to be the gradual, … Read More

My favorite way to start a Saturday..

In my experience, most people have a favorite way to start a Saturday, or any day that they don’t have to go to work. If you’re like me, lots of times the way that I want to start my day and the way that I actually do may be completely different. Granted, now that my kids are older and mostly out of the house, my circle of influence on my activities on days off has definitely grown. Here’s how my day started for me today. I woke up without the aid of an alarm clock about 6:15 am and rolled … Read More

A Smile, a Story, a Shine and Service

This is Simmie Hinton. Simmie understands service and storytelling. Simmie shines shoes on Councourse G by gate 20 at the MSP Airport. I stopped for a shoe shine on my way to Miami this morning because I had some time and my shoes were looking a bit grungy. Normally, I shine my shoes at home. Not because I

A Positive Way to Start the Day

About five years ago, I came across a website called, This site is run by a guy names Wes Hopper who used to be an engineer, has had some struggles, came across a system for helping him see the world differently by a guy named by Bob Proffet and now produces a daily gratitude e-mail that shows-up each morning in my in-box. What I like about what Wes does is that he starts with a quote, writes a few thoughts about it and makes some suggestions for how one may think about it. He doesn’t preach or pontificate, he … Read More