How I Failed as a Math Business Entrepreneur – Part 1

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Failing in math is something I never did. Failing as a math business entrepreneur is something I know well. This story isn’t one of those, “I failed, now I’m uber successful, this is what I know now and here’s how you do it.” This one is about how it was, what happened and how it…

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Private Equity, Ophthalmology and the Rise of the Mega Eye Practice

Private Equity has an Eye on Ophthalmology

Only time will tell if private equity can fuel growth in ophthalmology. Are Dick Lindstrom and his partners at Minnesota Eye Consultants (MEC) the tipping point for the spread of the Mega Practice? Is this right for our industry? Private Equity Let’s start with a definition of private equity. Investopedia defines private equity this way:…

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Where Did the Briefcase Go?

Not long ago I bumped into an Optometrist who worked in an Ophthalmology office I called on many years ago. He told me whenever he hears someone mention my name, the big, brown, leather briefcase I always had slung over my shoulder when I visited their office comes to his mind. I told him I…

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