A New Homonym for Parents – Text + Lecture = Texture

As a father of four, mostly grown, kids I communicate with them often by text message. I have come to learn that sometimes the only chance that I have to offer a suggestion about a situation is through text message. I now call this “Texture,” and what I mean is a short lecture via text. Texture is not a popular tactic in our family. My kids don’t like it when I texture them and neither does my wife (To be clear, I don’t texture Jean – only our kids.). Often I can’t resist the urge to pass-on something that I … Read More

When Will the Millennials Get Out and Vote?

I am the father of four children that are defined as “Millennials.” All are of legal voting age and not one of them was planning to vote in today’s elections. This makes me sad, frustrated and confused all at the same time. I’m not mad at them or anything like that, just more curious about why they feel the way that they do about voting. My kids are all working their way toward college degrees or already graduated. Three of them live here in the Twin Cities and one is teaching overseas in Thailand. Yesterday my wife asked the seemingly … Read More