Why Cataract Surgery and No LASIK?

Early in my business career in Ophthalmology, I was observing a lot of cataract surgery and the field of Refractive Surgery was gaining traction with Radial Keratotomy (RK). A crude procedure when compared to today

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  1. hey Joel. I think the reason most general ophthalmologists dont do LASIK is because the companies arent doing a good job of educating them about why its a good procedure to take another look at. they have such a sub-specialty mentality, that most dont think its their comfort zone. all laser LASIK should change their thinking in an open access or roll on roll off setting to offset costs. remeber that when you and I came into this business doctors used to do almost all procedures. the sub-specilties have taken that away, and made it more difficult for them and us!

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